Magnesium Spray

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One of our most loved products for the amazing results it delivers. Magnesium, MSM boswellia and turmeric combine to form the most complete magnesium on the market. Relief for cramps, aching muscles, joints and restless legs, fabulous at helping you get the good nights sleep you deserve. Great for energy recovery, strength and performance, assists with stress and fatigue, supports your body’s detox system, relieves inflammation and pain, improves moods and the DHEA hormone - the feel good hormone that the boswellia regulates and balances the THI & TH2 cytokine production - great for auto immune’s. 

Our customers lovingly refer to this spray as the “Miracle Spray”

Improves sleep and memory function

Assists muscle fatigue, recovery and cramps.

Improves mood and DHEA levels- the feel good hormone

Unlocks greater energy, strength and support 

Assists with stress and fatigue