Fermented Lattes

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Cheriss takes Latte mixes to a whole new level by fermenting key power ingredients to increase their benefits and bioavailability and fortifying them with healthy fats in a balanced way to deliver the best tasting and health giving latte mixes available

Golden glow – Fermented turmeric root, ginger, spices and coconut oil provide a drink that is stunning as a latte or serve cold as an iced drink. Reap the benefits either way you serve it.                                   

Beet it with cacao- Beetroot and cacao deliver an explosion of health benefits and vibrant color. This is a hot chocolate you can enjoy without feeling guilty, knowing your body will love it as much as your taste buds. Can be served hot or iced.                 

Green superpower- Green is the embodiment of health and Cheriss makes it easy, delicious and versatile. Hot or iced its delicious and teaming with fabulous health benefits your body will thank you for.