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Bath Soaks

Our bath soaks are a very effective in the method of transdermal benefits to the mind, body and soul. Our skin is our largest organ and a major defence system. It makes sense to nurture and protect it so it can protect us. Our specific soaks will support your health to achieve whatever is important to you.

Alkaline - Alkaline state of being is imperative for the body to resist disease and illness. Food grade bicarb, Epsom salts and Marrakech essential oils will dissolve your stress and restore your equilibrium.

Detox Soak - Our body has its own detox system inbuilt. However the amount of toxins in our environment and the extra burdens this places on our system means our bodies need a helping hand to take the load off so they can perform what they are designed for with less strain. Our detox soak assists the body’s cleansing process so it can perform its tasks with less burden and strain.

Hot Springs Soak - Hot springs around the world have been a haven for people for a wide range of ailments or just wanting to feel fabulous for centuries. Our souls are deficient in many minerals essential for us to experience vibrant health and these minerals can be absorbed transdermally so we can achieve optimum health. A weekly soak in our hot springs soak will have you feeling amazing - and it’s more cost effective and convenient than visiting a hot springs spa.

Salt Soak - Healthy salts provide many macro and trace minerals and elements essential to the body to function effectively and efficiently. Our salt soak contains Himalayan, Dead Sea and Epsom salts to deliver 84 essential macro and trace minerals. Available in Spring Bling and Citrus Zing.