About Cheriss

Cheriss Health Emporium

Health just isn’t about what we eat and drink, it’s what we put on our skin and feed our minds.

Cheriss Health Emporium began when founder Amanda was diagnosed with an incurable, life threatening and rare auto immune disease. as she began researching everything auto immune, she became fascinated with gut health and it’s impact our health. 
Amanda’s first Cheriss Kombucha creations were Alkaline and Anti Inflammatory Kombucha. Alkaline was formulated to bring the body back into a healthy alkaline state and Anti Inflammatory was formulated to reduce inflammation within the body that is responsible for causing immense amounts of pain. Cheriss’s first 2 formulas provided amazing improvements to her health and the brand has grown from strength to strength from there.

Cheriss is focussed on every ingredient - whole raw foods are added to small batch brewed Kombucha to deliver a genuine, hand crafted, perfectly fermented Kombucha just as nature intended. We will never use artificial flavours, colours, glucose syrups or short cuts.

Amanda realised her health was also impacted by what she put on her skin and her mindset. A holistic approach was essential and so the Cheriss Kombucha brand expanded into a Home Day Spa range. Magnesium and MSM oil, authentic Kimchi, Kombucha dressings, Scoby masks are all new additions to the ever increasing ranges. 

We hope you enjoy the Cheriss difference as much as we enjoy handcrafting it for you.